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About the project

Crypto Magnate is an exciting online business simulator. Only you decide whether you will be an oil tycoon or owner of a small cafe. Start your own business, buy companies and factories, sell your goods and services and withdraw your profits in real Bitcoins.

Only 4 steps

Open your business

Buy companies or factories and properties with different cost and income.

Watch your companies work

Keep track of the production and revenues of your companies. Choose your own development strategy.

Sell your goods

Make profit from the sale of your goods and services and expand your business empire.

Request payment

Withdraw the profit directly to your bitcoin wallet or buy more companies to become a real magnate.

        Our main features

Guaranteed income

Thanks to smooth and thoughtful marketing, we can guarantee a high income and security of your investments.

Modern and powerful servers

The project is hosted on modern, powerful ssd servers that guarantee high speed and stability.

Contests and bonuses

We regularly provide competitions for investors and partners. Every day we distribute bonuses for visiting our site.

Live open stats

Project statistics are open to all users. We provide only real data, no any fake users or payouts.

Unique script

We use our own unique well protected script specially developed for this project.

Mobile version

The site is adapted for various mobile devices for ease of use and work from anywhere.

We have combined the most successful marketing solutions in the crypto segment, which will undoubtedly make our project one of the most popular and successful investment platforms. Low entry threshold gives the opportunity to earn absolutely for everyone.